About us

TRE C Immobiliare is present on the Tuscan real estate market since 1984, born with the intention of creating a showcase of the most interesting offers of the Tuscan real estate market, where "Toscana" represents not only the ideal place in which to live, where you can find the home of your dreams, but a real lifestyle, immersed in the scents and flavors of tradition, in a unique atmosphere that combines history, culture and landscape. From our experience, we know very well how, in the process of buying a property, knowing how to choose the right moment, the right interlocutors and the most appropriate arguments, are essential and very important factors to conclude a real estate sale negotiation at best.

We also know that, in the sales phase and especially when the family is involved, the emotional factors play an important role for each of its components.

For us it is essential to take them into account one by one, finding the right balance with the economic and financial aspects of the operation. In the interest and for the satisfaction of everyone.

We accompany the customer from the purchase proposal to the deed, stimulating his desires with innovative proposals in the field of energy saving, setting, furnishing and transforming the purchase into a creative process inspired by the new owner.

We will be professionals, consultants, friends, with the passion that ignites those who are always looking for the best and the lucid mind of the professional who does not neglect any detail.

Fairness and professionalism have always been the key words that have characterized all the company's work, which has received, over the years, more and more approval and esteem from many satisfied customers.

The wide collaboration with the various credit institutes for starting up mortgages and other operations, commercial studies, technical and notary offices, allows us to give our customers a 360 ° service.

Through the association F.I.A.I.P. Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents, to which we are associated, we are always informed about new tax regulations in real estate.

TRE C Immobiliare is a real estate agency specializing in the sale of villas, renovated and restored houses, apartments, lofts, farms and wineries, prestigious properties and historic homes, castles and residences. era in all of Tuscany, with particular attention to international customers.